CLE Reflection

As an individual, I believe that I have not really done so much to be an exemplar of the church. Sometimes, I really can not do what I want to do because first, I am shy, second, I make a lot of excuses. Being shy for example, I know I am not super shy, because I know I should not be afraid of judgement, but I should know, and plan what comes out of my mouth, I know that I can just go around, and live out life as an exemplar (like how we said in the text). Another thing is that, I am a messy person. Not only when I comes to my drawer, but also with how I manage my life as a student, I tend to stress myself out, and cram a whole lot, which consumes a LOT of time (emphasis on “A LOT”). I tend to procrastinate, which does not help me with my time management, which does not help with trying to be an exemplar of the church. Though I try to live my life as holy as I can, I am not able to do everything at once. In fact, I sometimes feel that I myself repel the traits of being an exemplar.

There are some of the points of an exemplar that I really try to do, for example. I let others feel God’s presence (In which we fulfill our mark as holy) when I am kind, which I try to be most of the time, when I smile at others who clearly had a bad day, when I try to help someone who dropped some of their things, when people directly or indirectly ask for help, when I encourage a person to not care about judgement, when I handle with my friends (when they are in need of help), especially one of my odd friends who is emotionally unstable. Doing those things would not only help them face their day, but also help them think, and wonder if I am close to God. Sooner or later, (I hope) they would start to do the same to anyone who is in need. This does not only show that God is present within us, but would also do us a favor by making us used to God being present within us, externally, and internally (I am hoping I did not go off)

Another point of being an exemplar which I believe I have. To Respect and to not discriminate anyone, pertaining to the looks, race, color, sexuality, language, preference, status in life and etc because we all have our purpose in the world from God. Accepts everyone in the Church. The only time I learned to really do this was when I had a Major problem in life, and when I barely knew what to do, I barely knew how to react, and I just let my self down. A time when a sensitive (or at least used to be sensitive) topic About me would be talked about Around. When I had almost no self confidence, and would stuff my face with food Just to make myself happy (which explains why I am fat now). I had to go pass through criticism, and discrimination from my peers just to learn one simple lesson I could not understand before. Now I have gone through it, I know what to do. I would do my best to accept anyone with me, and I hope that the rest of the church realizes that too.

There are some other points of being an exemplar of the church which I REALLY a need to improve on. For example: Supporting the activities and actions of the Church. In which shows the unity and oneness of the people. I am actually one of those people who know the importance and value of the practices the church does, yet still doesn’t mind doing it. Even if I know it would help me with getting closer to God, I get lazy to do it, and as I said before, I make excuses not to do the practices. In fact, I try my best to avoid these things.

There is this other one which I am half doing, half not doing. “should be willing to help give a hand to people who are in need and who needs guidance. Without expecting any in return”. I do try to help others as much as possible, but problem is, I am shy. And as I said before, I know that I would not care, but I still get shy. Being shy has stopped me from doing many things, not only the things of an exemplar of the church, even in non church related things, it stops me. But when I actually do help, I am able to show my care, and help others as much possible.

Even if I haven’t really done to much to be an exemplar of the Church, I have done my best, and I have done what I can, which I believe is good enough. Then again “Good Enough” is not good, it’s more of just a passing grade of C or D. Now I really have to improve what I’ve got right now. First, before I do, I have to put my * * together.


The Respiratory System

So before I begin I have a link here about the Respiratory System. Read if you would like to learn more about the respiratory system (my project for science)😄

So I was just looking around the internet, goofing around, having fun, until I had a sudden interest in how people sing, what part of the body do we use to sing, how does the vocals move. I didn’t find much interesting things about the vocals etc… But I found something about the respiratory system, and that’s when it hit me, I had Science homework! Which was about the respiratory system! As I was searching for information to use, I found this website which was actually interestingI:

In this website it says that breathing through your mouth (instead of breathing through your nose) on a regular basis, would affect the structure of you face (especially when your still growing), would increase the chances of having sore throat and colds (a lot), and odd things happening in your digestive system. So what would disturb and cause you discomfort (because of breathing through your mouth regularly) would be giving you sore throat and colds for a long time. This is also saying that breathing through the nose is really the proper, and the best way to breath. Breathing through the mouth is abnormal, and should only be done if really cannot breath through the nose properly/cannot breath through the nose.

It’s a good thing I found this article about breathing through the mouth, and the effects of it. Even if I breath through my nose regularly, at least I know that breathing through the nose is really the most proper way, also that I can tell people who do breath through their mouth instead of nose, so I can help a person live life normally, and not abnormal in terms of looks, breathing, and digestive problems. According to the website, mouth breathing can cause the looks of a person to be abnormal, having colds and sore throats a lot, headaches, gingivitis and gum disease, bad breath and higher risk for cavities, poor sleep—leading to chronic fatigue, digestive disturbances—gas, upset stomach, acid reflux, etc…

This website, and this information should be spread around, because, living through all those problems would be terrible, I mean, having all those medical problems would most likely affect the way you live your life, it can make you unsocial because you’re the one left out because of looks (you know how mean some people are today)/can’t do anything because of a terrible headache/you can’t speak properly because of sore throat etc…it can also make you jobless because companies need you to work well, and you can’t work well if you always have headaches, or sore throat, or you’re always so tired (fatigue), or you’re always sick etc…that is why breathing properly, is important.

Having sore throat all the time would cause you to talk abnormally, and not speak clearly/not speak at all, which means it’s affecting the larynx (the voice box, where the vocal chords are). Having a lot of colds, when you have a cold, your nose usually gets clogged, and you can’t breath through you nose properly, which will make you have to breath through your mouth, which means, it is also affecting your breathing and may cause you to not receive enough air/oxygen, that’s actually very uncomfortable.

I think that this is a big problem, because I doubt many people know this, and they don’t really teach this in school. There are actually a lot of articles concerning this, search in google: Mouth breathing. You’ll find a lot of articles about how it is not proper to breath through your mouth. So why do I think this is a big issue? I don’t want people to experience this much problems in life, and I don’t want a lot of people suffering in their life because of the pain you have to go through all because of mouth breathing (this can also affect people socially, because some people judge a lot).